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Hi everybody.......We are Chameleon.  A 6 piece band that is out of Madison, Wi. And we love to play Classic Rock. We cover al the bases from A to Z and everything in between. The band consist of Guy Hatleberg on vocals. Tom Ellis on drums and vocal. Ted Mork on guitar and vocals. Ken Strand on Keyboards and vocals. Paul Fotes on bass guitar and vocals. And lastly, Jon Mork on guitar and vocals. We have been Chameleon for the last 7 years. Some of our previous bands we were in are Driver, Luck of the Draw, Captain Star, Cum Laude, and Bounty Hunter. We strive to put on the best show possible. Making the songs sound as close to the record is our goal. As well as entertaining the people.

Here is what the people say about our band: 

The Lodi Fair crew says: " Great show, amazing music with superb vocals. Harmonies that sound like the great bands such as Boston, Journey, Bon Jovi, Styx and others. Great light show and live sound".

Harmony Grove Fest says: " We have them every year because the audience keeps asking for them. And they show up en mass for the experience. They will rock you".

Deerfield Fireman's Fest says: " These guys never cease to amaze me. We will see them again next year".

White Lightning Snowmobile Club:  " We call this band to make our benefit big ".

The Hody Bar and Grill: " We have them as many times per year as we can. They pack our club".

**All the quotes from organizers  of the festivals and club owners names and numbers are available on request.

Let us help you make your event a success

You can also check us out on Facebook. Just search for Chameleon-Nation. Feel free to chat with us.

My oh my. What a fantastic night at The Monona Community 4th Of July Festival. First off we want to thank Jim Bisbee. He has been the leader of the festival for the last few years. This was his last year at the helm. What a great job. This is the best festival in the state. Just so well run. Kudos Jim. Well done. All of the volunteers he has just hit it out of the park as well. And to all the folks who packed the tent. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We will never forget the gig. So wonderful. You all were just off the wall.  Thanks again. What a perfect night.

Our next gig is a new venue for us. And a road trip to boot. On Sunday, July 15th we will be playing an outside show at Anchor Bay Bar and Grill in Wisconsin Rapids. This is a big deal up there. We are very honored to be asked to play there. We play from 4:00 to 8:00 PM. This is a really cool place. Right on the Wisconsin River. The club is awesome. We are stoked to play there. Check out their web site at We hope to see you there....Guy

We also have a fast turnaround for our next gig. On Wednesday, July 18th we are playing our very first Car Night at Bowl A Vard Lanes. We have done a few Bike Nights. But never a Car Night. We are super happy. Who doesn't love hot cars and rock bands. It's totally American. So come on out. We start at 6:30 and go till 10:00. We will see you there...Guy
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